The year-old lost his leg above the knee in a savage attack about m from shore at Surf Break Lookout on Tuesday afternoon. He was flown to Royal Perth Hospital but sadly succumbed to his injuries. Scientists earlier confirmed the shark that the shark responsible for the attack was a great white. They examined bite marks on pieces of surfboard recovered from the sea. They could not, however, determine the size of the shark. Mandurah beaches have reopened, as has the debate about culling the large ocean predators.

Nick Carroll On: Sharks One Year Later – What’s Changed? Part II

Western Australian recreational fishing rules Browse species Search by species Start typing in the Search by species field above to find a species, or see all species with the Browse species button. View map Search by location Start typing in the Search by location field above to choose a location, or use the View map button to pick a location. Search for a location by map Click a location on the map to discover information about common species and marine protected areas or start typing in the Search by location field above to choose a location.

Show Bioregions Northern Bernier Island pink snapper closure From 1 June to 31 August inclusive , the waters north of Bernier Island — including Koks Island — will be closed to pink snapper fishing during this annual peak spawning period in the Gascoyne. Other ways to hook up to the rec fishing rules To keep up to to date with WA’s recreational fishing rules and fish ID at the touch of a button, download the free Recfishwest app. Annual West Coast demersal finfish closure From 15 October — 15 December inclusive the take or landing of demersal finfish is prohibited within the West Coast Bioregion north of Kalbarri to east of Augusta.

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Top 5 tips for caravanning in Australia 1 August Retirement is the ideal time hook up the caravan, hop in the car and explore our amazing country. Here are five things you should consider before hitting the road… 1. Familiarise yourself Get a good feel for where you can stay on the road. Of course, caravan parks are great however can begin to get expensive after a while.

Velcro is a system that uses two different finishes, a hook side and a loop side, which, when placed together, form a strong bond that is still easily pulled apart when needed. This makes Velcro ideal for many items including clothes, shoes, bags, even curtains or other decorative items that you want to .

Decorative limestone screen wall, often referred to as limestone screen walls or limestone feature walls can be built to match any style of house or home. Limestone screen walls are a great way to secure your home and protect your privacy. Limestone screen walls consist of a bottom row of limestone blocks, with piers or pillars evenly spaced and limestone block infill in between.

Homeowners can select from wooden slats, aluminium slats, wrought iron, stainless steel wire, and decorative metal screens. Have you considered securing one of your most valuable assets before you hook up the caravan, board that cruise ship or head overseas on your next big adventure? When building your decorative limestone screen wall, Creative Limestone can incorporate a letterbox into a pier to secure your mail and protect you from the threat of identity theft while you are away.

Small Blocks As blocks shrink in size many homes no longer have a back yard so it is important to have a safe and secure place for children to play, along with the much loved family pets and more often than not this has become the front yard. The demise of the Aussie back yard has meant many homeowners have no alternative but to install swimming pools in the front yard.

This has seen an increase in the need for secure and private front decorative screen limestone walls. Homes Located on Busy Roads and Roundabouts Unfortunately we are all too familiar with the reports of out of control cars crashing into homes at busy roundabouts or on main roads. If your home is on a busy road you may be able to build a solid 1.

An added bonus of building with limestone is the acoustic benefits which can reduce noise from traffic. Whatever your situation Creative Limestone can design a decorative screen wall constructed from limestone to suit your needs.

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Nutritionists say that McDonald’s should not be visited more than once a week. There are only nine foods on the McDonald’s menu that do not have sugar in them. However, one of the reasons that they taste so good is that McDonald’s coats their fries with sugar so they get a golden-brown colour when they are fried.

The Sail Pack You Need with 43 mm Transducers. Update your sailboat’s electronics with the GNX Wireless Sail Pack 43 that includes everything you need with 43 mm transducer fittings for depth, temperature and water

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Mandurah Caravan Repair Centre

Featuring high-visibility, glass-bonded backlit monochrome LCD display with customizable backlight colors, GNX Wind interfaces through the NMEA network to show 2 data fields and a digital wind rose simultaneously to display true and apparent wind data, steering guidance, boat speed and more. Low power consumption of mW daylight no backlight and mW nighttime mid-level backlight is perfect for sailboats. Customizable user settings allow you to configure the screen layout to your preferred setting.

Display configurations include more than 15 important marine parameters for wind, speed and navigation.

And Mandurah Cruises’ experienced guides know exactly where to find the finest delicacies of the region. Enjoy one of our seafood and fishing charters to become part of the action. Catch your own world-famous Blue Swimmer Crab, pull up a crayfish and cast out .

For reasons that I put forth later in this document, I speculate that the being is wearing “cover-alls” and a “helmet” and that its coveralls might simply serve to keep its skin moist, rather than be a “space suit”. Studying the characteristics of sighting reports, it seems possible that such beings have been reported all over the world and at different times, but given different names.

Unbelievably, Filiberto Caponi reported a total of 5 encounters with the being. All encounters happened during night-time. In the first one of 9-May he did not photograph it. On May , he took two photos photo 1 , photo 2. On the Aug one photo photo 3 , where the being is within a dark covering.

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Connect with Aussie guys and girls on any device anytime anywhere! Perth, Australia is a beautiful city to fall in love in. With its vibrant atmosphere and modern facilities, Perth is among Australia’s most cleanest and well-planned cities. Known as a stepping stone for aspiring Aussies migrating from other lands, many new Australian citizens never want to leave. Perth sprung to stardom back in the 80’s when Alan Bond famously won the America’s Cup with a historic and stunning victory that put Fremantle on the map.

Perth is as spectacular as it is romantic.

A Modern Free Dating Site For Singles in Perth Who Know How to Have Fun! Perth, Australia is a beautiful city to fall in love in. With its vibrant atmosphere and modern facilities, Perth is among Australia’s most cleanest and well-planned cities.

Regional terminology[ edit ] There is no international English standard for the term. Median, median strip, and median divider island are common in North American and Antipodean English. Variants in North American English include regional terms such as neutral ground in New Orleans usage. In British English central reservation is the preferred usage; it also occurs widely in formal documents in some non-British regions such as South Africa, where there are other informal regional words, for example middelmannetjie, which originally referred to the hump between wheel ruts on a dust road.

Additionally, different terminology is used to identify traffic lanes in a multi-lane roadway. North American usage calls the lanes located closest to the roadway centerline the “inner” lanes, while British usage calls these lanes the “outer” lanes. Regional differences between right-hand traffic and left-hand traffic can cause further confusion. Physical attributes[ edit ] A grass median strip on a highway in Pennsylvania, United States Some medians function secondarily as green areas and green belts to beautify roadways.

Skydiving Over The Beach Perth Mandurah – 15,000ft

Do I have to leave the trailer ball mount in the hitch receiver when I am not towing? What is the correct towbar to fit to my vehicle? The towbar must have a capacity that exceeds the loaded weight of the trailer you are intending to tow.

The Button Hook and Zipper Aid comprises of a timber handle. One end has a diamond shaped wire used for catching the button and threading it through the button hole. The other end has a metal hook which can be used to catch the tab of a zipper to assist with pulling the zip up or down.

Expand A drum line is a fishing apparatus that consists of a baited hook suspended from buoys, anchored to the ocean floor. Baited drum lines were deployed about 1km offshore of a number of popular Perth metropolitan and South West beaches between January and April The program did not continue beyond the trial. Where were the selected beaches for drum line placement? Equipment was then transferred to between Yallingup and Lefthanders, with a greater emphasis on surfing locations until 30 April Is the number of sharks increasing?

Increased media attention, surveillance and more people using the water have contributed to the impression that shark numbers have risen. What cannot be disputed is that there have been unprecedented numbers of shark fatalities, with eleven fatalities since Expand The Department of Fisheries has completed a review of white shark population numbers.

The study attempted to reconstruct the levels of annual catch of white sharks since , and to combine this data with life-history information to develop a series of population trajectories.

​Perth Observatory: Volunteer astronomers connecting WA to the sky

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