How to Find Out When a Browning Sweet 16 Was Manufactured


Browning A5 16 gauge serial number date guide Posted: Sun Jun 09, 4: Fri May 18, South Dakota Hi Ronyahski, Thanks for your response and question. The date discrepancies are due to three factors: I now own 7 collectable to me Browning A5s. I have called the Browning historian on each to discover all I can about each gun including when the gun left the Browning factory. No factory records could be found on three. The Browning historian informed me of the dates four of my guns were sold and shipped from Browning.

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Gunsmithing Manuals, Guides, Resources. Dfg Admin. December edited January in Man Cave. Making Shotgun Barrels By Harold Hoffman (Action Book Publishers).pdf Browning Target Rifle (BMG) – GunMetal Designs – pdf.

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I bought the shotgun in the early 60s at an Air Force Rod and Gun Club in Ankara, Turkey. Its serial number is 32 FN It’s a 20 guage, modified choke, 2 3/4 cartridge Acier Special.

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Elliot designed double derringer from until ; total production was around , The gun in the above photo is a post Wild West era Type 3 aka Model 4 made sometime between and

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Sun Apr 18, 7: Mon May 19, 8: Williamsburg, Virginia I think they quit making them about I had been trying to talk Browning into making a 28 gauge BSS, and as soon as I heard the factory was shutting down I scrambled and found a new in the box Model 23 28 gauge.

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Visit Colt Website Colt is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms including the pistol supported by numerous other awesome standard and tactical pieces of equipment, from rifles to shotguns. Not able to locate the date of manufacture for your Colt firearm? Well we did some digging and found that Colt offers an archival service for a moderate fee to locate all records of your original Colt shipment. They provide every spec about the gun, who is was shipped to, when it was shipped, and even how many other firearms were shipped at the same time as yours.

You can find the order form and specifications of Colt Manufacturing’s archival service here. Browning Pistol Serial Number Visit Browning Firearms Website Browning Firearms has created and manufactured firearms from shotguns, rifles, rimfires, and pistols including many other gun related accessories. How to find your Serial Number Use these videos to find the serial number on your gun or firearm. Glock Pistol Serial Number Visit Glock Perfection Website Here you will find the Glock Talk forums where you can search and chat with individuals who own glocks and can share information with you on finding out “When was your glock made?

This is as simple as matching red to red, blue to blue, or 1 to 1. Ensure you have your serial number handy and visit this site to begin. The website is straight forward and all you have to do is type in the serial number to your gun and BAM you are presented with the date of creation, simple as that. Marlin firearms are kept in a database along with other manufactured firearms for easy reference.

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Oct 15,  · I have a Browning auto 5 shotgun from the ‘s It is 16 GA 2 9/ I think it was changed along the way to 2 3/4. If it was still 2 9/16 would the 2.

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FN Browning Auto A-5 Belgium 12 gauge Legacy – 1960

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