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But Demi Lovato was not so willing to give Wilmer Valderrama’s harsh critics a break, taking to Twitter on Wednesday to lash out at a news site for slamming her boyfriend as ‘culturally irrelevant’ with a ‘flagrant lack of modesty. Scroll down for video Amplifying her natural features: The year-old pop star is a fan of bold lipstick and plenty of mascara Demi debuted her fresh new look on Twitter, after a few hours in the salon rendered her a brunette once more. Oh yeah, yeah,’ she wrote in a caption alongside the photo, referencing the lyrics to her hit single Give Your Heart A Break. But hair was clearly the furthest thing from Demi’s mind later in the day when she came across a particularly scathing article published by The Daily Beast about her beau Wilmer Valderrama. Tweeting directly at the website, the singer wrote: The Heart Attack songstress debuted her fresh brunette look with a slight hint of ombre The article about the year-old That 70s Show actor was less than complimentary. It presented him as a classless womanizer and directly referenced the nude photos recently leaked of he and Demi together, seeming to imply that he may have had something to do with the incident. Demi Lovato most recently had loud neon tresses, pictured here at a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles in January ‘Sorry, ddlovato, but Wilmer Valderrama is using you to further his own “career,”‘ the site tweeted back at Demi on Thursday morning, following her response. Like her hair colour, Demi’s romance with Wilmer has had its share of break-ups and make-ups.

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Miles, Uncle Angelo “Fasten your seat belt, slut puppy. This ain’t gonna be no cakewalk,” Sophia threatens Blanche, who’s been left in charge of her when Dorothy laves on a three day cruise. Sophia the “problem child” gets into everything, including destroying Dorothy’s antique chest where she’s stored a box filled with mementos; one being a list of things Sophia want to accomplish, written in The list includes a vow to make amends with Guido Spirelli, Sophia’s first husband though an arranged marriage in Sicily, which she had annulled days later, and then sailed to America.

Although preferring to send Sophia back to Shady Pines, Blanche, at wits end, settles for keeping the old lady busy by encouraging her to spend the next two or three days making things right with Guido through a letter.

In the video, dated June 8, , you can see Del Rey in her Lizzie days, dressed in a vintage Capitol Records T-shirt and shyly performing to a handful of people — a far cry from today’s long.

No Christmas in a department store is complete without having to listen to Dean Martin croon this tune about four times an hour. It features the kind of saucy banter your parents think is awesome and probably made your mom hot after a few egg nogs back in the day. Curiously, however, in Dean’s extended efforts to keep his lady friend from leaving him for the night, they slip in the somewhat off putting line in which it’s implied that Dean has laced her drink with roofies.

Because really, if the weather won’t keep her in the house, date rape drugs are the next best step. Continue Reading Below Advertisement In fairness, Deano might just be doping her with rum, although that’s not really all that much more honorable considering the entire debate is about whether she should drive home. Perhaps best of all is when she wises up and asks what’s in the drink and he glosses over it like it ain’t no thang, pointing out that there are no cabs available.

So the best case scenario for this holiday gem is essentially: Dean Martin forces himself on a woman with the threat of a DUI and potentially vehicular manslaughter.

Girl (Beatles song)

Taylor Swift has stated that she has written songs about all of her ex-boyfriends, and that they are the greatest inspiration for her. So this is a list of who was the inspiration for what song, what interviews she talked about it in, and any other relevant information. Their relationship ended because he had to go to college. His current girlfriend isn’t too pleased with it, though.

He was going away to college so she wanted to write him something to remember her by. Picture to Burn was written about an ex-boyfriend named Jordan Alford, whom she calls a redneck, and says he never let her drive his pick-up truck.

“You go to the store, and you finance everything. New furniture, new appliances, televisions, stereos, everything. Then, you don’t make any payments, and you don’t show up for your court date.

She paid attention to the whole show, danced all the dances, waved her arms whenever the chorus did, tried to mouth the words to songs and applauded at the end of each, all without being disruptive. Watching her joy was almost as much fun was watching the show itself. There were a lot of children in the opening night performance and those I talked with after the show all said they loved it.

Arial is a mermaid princess who longs to go to the outside world, especially after she saves the life of a sailor who falls overboard and falls in love with him. With the dubious help of her aunt the evil Ursula, the octopus, Arial agrees to exchange her voice for feet and goes to the surface, where she finds the object of her affections preparing to choose a wife, based on who has the best singing voice. If you were asked to draw a picture of the Arial in your mind, chances are your picture would look at lot like Julia Hixon, who could not possibly be better.

She also has the kind of beautiful voice that would enchant a man. Prince Eric Hugo Figueroa exhibits a gentleness as he meets Arial but does not remember her, and realizes she has no voice, yet is strangely attracted to her. He teaches her how to communicate through dance.

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August 31, at 5: I’m not a ‘punk rocker. On the whole society has been much harder on the Vandals. Sitting at my desk in black lace and red hair dye

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To find and watch the crime shows I am referencing in this blog, Youtube either: After reading the blog that I responded to I am glad I skimmed it because I’m embarrassed to have tried to write comments that were ignored its really hard to believe that anyone who has researched the case believes that Paul Cortez is innocent. They would have to ignore a lot while believing in miracles. If you believe that the tabloids’ convicted him, why did he almost get acquitted?

David Haugh was cooperative until he was thoroughly cleared. Paul Cortez got a lawyer after his statements contradicted themselves. That points to guilt? He has those two naughty words in his arsenal, so he murdered his former or current girlfriend? Then David went about repeating his routine of getting a bite to eat, then getting his car, then waiting for Catherine, then going up and saying, “Whoa, she’s dead!

He also told that police that he was, “barely gone. Like 20 minutes,” to get his kicks by nearly damning himself with a tight timeline to the police? Also, because he said there were boot prints on the sheets, he is guilty? If you want to stay focused, I’ll just tell you that there are impossible to miss foot prints on the sheets that almost look planted there.

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It doesn’t work but in the end, a dog comes to her and walks away. She follows it, and then meets the love of her life. A short chubbyblack in a white suit man was singing the song and it was a man that caught his wife cheating on him. I think I thought it might have been on the show The Orville but maybe I’m wrong.

Itwas piano based tune or at least the piano stood out, it had a classic rock or folk rock feel to it and the song was about getting off a train somewhere in the south and it involved a girl. I’m not sure if the word “rain” was in the lyrics too.

Beyonce Broken-hearted Girl lyrics & video: You’re everything I thought you never were And nothing like I thought you could’ve been But still you live inside of me So tell.

The Zombies are coming!! As we all know, our society over the past two or three years has gained a certain fascination with the undead. But despite all of that, we’ve had some pretty awesome things come out of it. This blog is a tribute to the awesomely undead, and our culture’s love affair with the dark and terrible. Book of the Day: If you loved the story, but always wished for a little bit more excitement, blood, and gore, then this book was MADE for you.

I may be showing my true geeky self with this selection, but trust me- you won’t put it down. Proof that it’s worth reading Collins tells me that you are schooled in the deadly arts, Miss Bennet. Then — some time or other I shall be happy to see you spar with one of my ninjas. Are you sisters likewise trained? Does this not just scream “read me!?!?

Fuck Everything: the dating sim that tackles rape culture

You feel like you are going crazy. They turn everything around. They will make you feel like you are the one that is going crazy instead of them. You might become paranoid. You might worry about what you wear and what you say and freak out if someone changes your plans or something unexpected happens that you will have to explain later. If you are a peaceful person, you might find yourself constantly fighting.

ROOMIE lyrics: “DATING A DOUCHEBAG” Girl, someone like you is hard to find Girl, your stunning smile, one-of-a-kind And I wish you were mine But you’re dating a douchebag Girl you’re so fine And I wish you were mine But you’re dating a douchebag Maybe I should just .

How on earth was I missing it this whole time? Depression, addiction , bi-polar disorder, borderline, etc. So why the nasty judgement and false perceptions? You may be surprised to know these 10 songs are about mental illness, but I just think that makes them even better. In fact, all of the lyrics follow the same theme. It is, however, made infinitely more unsettling when you realize that Chris Brown wrote the song for Rihanna before he was arrested for physically abusing her and was released as a single after the fallout.

Nicki is perceived as being blessed and lucky, like Marilyn, but the lyrics talk about dealing with some real life upsets like Marilyn. In talking with some of the people there, he was made aware of their struggles and hardships, particularly with drugs and trying to escape the world of prostitution and human trafficking. The lyrics at the end about it being his time to shine? This song is for sure about depression. This song is one of my favorites because the lyrics are so specific.

The drums at the end give the song a real anthem-like feel and I agree.

Kim, Kanye, Taylor and the State of Pop Culture One Year After the Snapchat That Changed Everything

How about those cute pop numbers that soared high on the music charts? Well, what you were singing back then might not have been as sweet as you thought. Here’s to that aha moment that defines adulthood:

Good girls date bad boys. But dating a guy with poor character, even if he pursues you, still equals a poor relationship. Ladies, this does not mean that you should date a man who is boring.

Our rules this time were simple: Two, we limited it to one song per principal songwriter. Three, this list goes back to , which we feel represents the dawn of pop music as we know it, but we apologize to Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, et al. Have fun, and be sure to check out this Spotify playlist of our picks. Clarkson’s voice starts out low, the drums sound like a Casio keyboard, and you’re wondering what’s so great about this club and why you’ve been dragged here when you just want to sulk at home.

Then that chorus decks you in the face, and before you know it, you’ve had four shots because you’re so fucking fierce and you don’t need him or her , you don’t need anyone and you’re jumping around like an idiot… and here comes that chorus again! Together, they give us arguments from the spurned and the spurner.

But victory goes to the shout-along chorus, which surely anyone can relate to. Having fallen in love with the wrong person, the singer finds himself completely at her mercy; he doesn’t seem to get a vote in things.

Baffling details behind massive hit songs they don’t teach you in history class (22 Photos)

In the music video, there are multiple shots of Stefani sporting a cheerleader outfit. And the phrase stuck. It was actually inspired by a real news story the band read about of an elderly couple that left for a festival in Texas and disappeared. Later on, after the band decided to record the song, they would find out in the newspaper that the elderly couple was found dead at the bottom of a canyon in their Oldsmobile, hundreds of miles off course.

I guess we now know where they were going after all. A fiery inferno broke out instantly, destroying the casino complex.

Three routes or a free local dating sites year combination of the two would. You were hookup that bleach-blonde girl lyrics Better that it happened in There was no seeking on it, except in your own head.

Henry Horenstein, Dolly Parton, Happiness Is a Pink Gun by Alice Bolin Mainstream country music is dominated by bros singing about girls in cutoffs and drinking tequila. But some female country artists are ready to exchange fire. In , on the release of her second album, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the Washington Post ran a long feature about year-old Miranda Lambert, then an up-and-coming country music star.

Like most articles on her then and now, the Post mostly emphasized her badass backwater persona, focusing on her childhood in Texas with parents who were private investigators. These attitudes are all the more confusing because Lambert is only This track is a fairly transparent overture to nostalgia-crazed country radio, even including a line about recording the Country Countdown on cassette. She talked openly in the Post profile about her inability with her first two albums to gain a foothold in country radio or to get a single past no.

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Yet it evidently didn’t scare her away from cosmetic surgery forever. Kim Novak One of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic icy blondes, Novak shocked the audience when she presented at the Oscars ceremony. She later admitted she’d had fat injections in her face. Mickey Rourke The star of “The Wrestler” actually looks better than he did several years ago, when—as Rourke told the Daily Mail—he “went to the wrong guy to put my face back together” after it was damaged in the boxing ring.

You think you have a lot of male friends – you don’t You think guys care when they ask for your opinion – they don’t You think your best friend’s boyfriend doesn’t want to fuck you – he does.

Redheads are on fire in Hollywood. These babes have rich and sexy red hair that only enhances their good looks. While some celebrities who are natural redheads often darken their hair or dye their locks blonde, the sexy ladies on this list often show off their beautiful ginger manes. Varying between deep red, auburn, strawberry blonde, and anywhere in between these famous women have the bone structure to be among the hottest celebrities of all time even with their fiery red locks and pale white skin.

Red is the rarest natural hair color, with less than four percent of the world’s population sporting red locks. For some of these sexy celebrities, naturally red hair is the norm. The same goes for singers like Shirley Manson, whose often changing, but naturally red, hair has earned her a spot on the most attractive redheads ever list for awhile now.

Others who made this list are known for their signature red hair, including comedian Kathy Griffin and supermodel Lily Cole. These gingers have a spitfire personality that matches their red hair.

Get Over It – Tori Morgan (A Response Song to Abigail Breslin’s “You Suck”)

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