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Aim Marine carries the best parts from the right suppliers to keep your motor running reliably. If you are looking for older Mercury Outboard Parts, we have a large inventory of used parts dating from the ‘s to current. If we do not have the parts you need, we can get them quickly. We also carry High Performance Parts to fill your boat or motor requirements. Supplier Info Sierra is a aftermarket marine parts manufacturer, a division of Teleflex Marine. Sierra has aftermarket parts to fit all major oem brands. From older engines to current, Sierra has the parts to cover most marine engine repairs.

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More power when you need it, and greater fuel economy. The throttle body opens up The air-fuel ratio goes to a richer setting The ignition timing advances aggressively This allows the engine to make more torque, or power. It gives you more charging power when you need it.

Large quantity of vintage parts dating back to the ‘s for Johnson, Evinrude and Mercury outboard motors. Boat rental, boat repair, Stihl sales, Boat rental, boat repair, Stihl sales, Outboard Motor Repair Mercury Outboard Marine Engine Repair Boat Dealers & Equipment.

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1986 Mercury Outboard Motor Prices and Values

Identification Information Serial Numbers to Early models, manufactured from to , used a letter code and production number to denote the model and year of manufacture. Use the tables below to identify your outboard model and the date range it was manufactured. For production number and year manufactured information, click on the ‘Year’ link in the tables. Serial Numbers to From on a letter code, production number and ending letter s and number code were used in the serial number to denote the model, production number and month and year of manufacture.

range of evinrude outboard motors, click to review online or visit showroom in sydney or wollongong Small used outboard motors for sale mercury outboards, afa marine used outboards for sale specializing in 2 and 4 stroke used outboard motors & parts such as johnson, yamaha, evinrude and mercury outboards.

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Brand History

Herewith below is a brief overview of the beginnings of the Johnson brand and some helpful information to get those old Johnsons running again! It is unlikely that the Johnson brothers; Lou, Harry, Clarence and their brother-in-law Warren Conover, had any idea of the impact their little outboard would have on the world of boating. The Johnson brothers were cut from the same cloth as many of the great American engineers of the early part of the 20th century.

The manufacturing of their small two cylinder outboard would not look very grand on their resumes when compared to building the first American monoplane, aircraft engines and record setting inboard speedboat engines, yet outboards would be their most lasting achievement.

For sale is my v8 Johnson/evinrude outboard engine, runs well and always has since I’ve owned it I’ve replaced starter motor and fuel pump up to carbys, has a 17p prop to go with it .

Can’t find your answer above? What’s my old outboard motor worth? This is the number one question we are asked. Here’s the short answer: Less than you thought. Probably not much more, anyway. Now the long answer. We’re not trying to be cruel here, just honest. Grandpa’s “old fishin’ partner” might bring you warm fuzzy memories, but the guy who’s thinking of buying it from you might have leads on several motors just like yours from which to choose.

Old outboards were “too useful to just throw away” and small enough that they got stashed in all kinds of places. Thus, folks keep finding them and putting them on the market. The ready supply keeps prices reasonable.


A look back Posted: Motors of yesteryear looked, well, odd for the most part. But, you have to start somewhere.

With Suzuki outboard motors this can be challenging as the model records have changed over the years, and older outboard motors can be difficult to identify. This technical article illustrates the difference between the serial number and model as well as .

This is exactly the same as the Suzuki DF 6 but with a throttle stop fitted to reduce the revs. It has been reliable except one occasion last year when it stopped due to overheating. It is fairly heavy to carry at about 25 kg but not much different to other makes it has a good carrying handle. It has a charging coil to top up the battery.

We use the built in tank but you can use a seperate tank. It has FNR gears The Suzuki 4 hp pushes our Anderson 22 at about 5 knots It has plenty of thrust in forward and reverse for manouvering onto pontoons etc. See what deals you can get on the price. Works very well and once pushed us all the way back from Cherbourg on 12 litres 15 hours!

Old Outboard Motors

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Underway on calm waters with sunny skies; The icing on On the cake is the fact that your outboard motor cost you Little cash and a few hours of work click thumbnails to enlarge Johnson 22 hp model PO ; Very collectable, but with No neutral, no reverse, no recoil starter, and no new parts Available, it is probably not the best choice for a practical, Reliable power source.

BUT it may still be cheap reliable power. And what about parts? And what about those Mercurys? Notice that These Mercurys are not black. Every farmer is well aware of Oliver tractors, but may not have heard of Oliver outboards. Small-craft-designer Jim Michalak trying to Decide if a particular outboard motor is a good Cheap-power candidate.

Outboard motors: A look back

We are the 1 supplier of OEM Evinrude parts with thousands in stock right now! BRP bought the Evinrude and Johnson brands in and eventually retired the Johnson name altogether in , but it continues to manufacture OEM parts for all Evinrude and Johnson outboards dating back to We know that our customers want convenience and the lowest prices possible. Our easy-to-navigate website is designed for convenience and enables you to shop for Evinrude outboard parts from the comfort of your home, while the big discounts on all our OEM Evinrude Johnson parts and unbeatable price match guarantee ensures you always pay the lowest possible price.

Welcome to the homepage of the Yankee Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club.. Our organization is dedicated to running, restoring and collecting antique and classic outboard motors from the s to the early s.

After the war, small boat cruising exploded in popularity — and so did the Seagull. In its heyday of the s, British Seagull was selling over 80, motors a year — small, affordable, bullet-proof outboards barely changed since before the war, for pushing the tender, dinghy or the pocket cruiser along at a few knots when the wind dropped. The company even had its own foundries for the production of components.

The Seagull has become one of the few engines ever to achieve cult status, the nautical counterpart of the motor that powered Vespas, another one-cylinder two-stroke petrol engine designed to mobilise working Italy. John Williams is a man who has devoted his life to saving old Seagulls. Following the Blackwater River to meet him in his corner of rural Essex, I began to form a picture of him: John Williams As we sat in his kitchen and John, in his British Seagull sweater, talked about his beloved engines, it became clear that John is a more modern sort of creature.

He talked optimistically about the possibility of siting wind-generators in his part of Essex and about how he has learned to run his own website since the death of his close friend who built it. John is the king of not one, but two garden sheds, one housing Seagulls in various stages of refurbishment, and the other stacked to the ceiling with spares. This is where the Gulls come to roost. I had a Mirror and wanted an outboard. Everybody — literally everybody — had a Seagull in the 60s and 70s, and I had an affinity with the things.

Johnson Sea Horse 2HP Outboard Boat Motor 2R72M

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