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Stay away from this one. Anyway, I call it a semi-sequel because there’s no connection between either film besides the source novel by Patricia Highsmith. In Ripley’s Game, Tom Ripley is much older now and living in Europe with a wife Louisa; But he’s still up to his old tricks and he’s still talented. The movie begins after Ripley has a disagreement with a man he’s selling some drawings to; Ripley is dealing with a man named Reeves Ray Winstone, ‘Sexy Beast’ , but what happens isn’t even that important. Ripley makes it clear he doesn’t want to see Reeves again which essentially sets the plot in motion. Three years later, Reeves returns and offers Ripley a large sum of money to kill a Russian guy. Jonathan barely knows Ripley and has no idea that Ripley has just suggested his name as a potential hit man, but when Reeves offers Jonathan the money

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Add your rating What’s the story? Private investigator Vincent Gallagher Ray Winstone, The Departed is no modern-day Magnum, but his own brand of gumshoeing is an enjoyable blend of drama, emotion, and suspense. VINCENT follows Vincent and his team of private investigators as they piece together puzzling clues in a variety of cases, including unsolved murders and secretive spouses.

This middle-aged, slightly overweight PI is struggling through a recent break-up with his girlfriend, who, because of proximity, remains a presence in his life; add to that his difficulties with communication — a major contributor to said break-up — and various other mid-life crises, and the depth of Vincent’s extremely flawed character is evident.

Oct 11,  · Jaime Winstone is far better, as a former actor thats my opinion and I’ve seen sexy beast, my girlfriend bought me it for some reason, its ****e BlackBrenny, Oct 11,

In January , Warner Bros. This gave the screenplay an element of realism — and also an element of dangerous uncertainty, because of the wide-ranging carte blanche the FBI gave Bulger in exchange for revealing information about fellow gangsters. Costello acts as a father figure to both Sullivan and Costigan, while Queenan acts as Costello’s foil in the role of father figure.

Sullivan refers to Costello as “Dad” whenever he calls to inform him of police activities. In the final scene, a rat is seen on Sullivan’s window ledge. The window view behind the rat is a nod to gangster films like Scarface , White Heat , and Little Caesar Examples include but are not limited to shots of cross-beam supports in an airport walkway when Costigan is phoning Sgt. Dignam, the taped windows of the building Queenan enters before being thrown to his death, behind Costigan’s head in the elevator before he’s shot, and the carpeted hallway floor when Sullivan returns to his apartment at the film’s end.

The website’s critical consensus reads, “Featuring outstanding work from an excellent cast, The Departed is a thoroughly engrossing gangster drama with the gritty authenticity and soupy morality we come to expect from Martin Scorsese. His Irish Mafia masterpiece kept the streak alive. Hoberman of the Village Voice , who wrote: Too bad the bottom line meant Scorsese had to sell that hambone Mephistopheles his soul.

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After being involved in the assassination of an important Congo minister, ex-Special Forces soldier Jim Terrier Penn has to prevent his own assassination attempt, putting him on the trail of someone from his past who wants him dead to clean up loose ends. Credited as a co-writer, Penn seems like an odd choice for this role, although one would expect him to give the character more weight than any other number of action stars who might have been more obvious for the role.

Once we figure it out, we have to hear Penn explain to everyone he encounters exactly what we saw take place earlier in the film. The other odd decision is to have Terrier mysteriously suffer from some sort of brain injury that could cause him instant death if he continues to put strain on his head, and he spends the next hour doing exactly what the doctor told him not to before the filmmaker suddenly remembers and reintroduces that plot device.

The film earns its R rating with a number of gory action sequences that often make up for the problematic and confusing plot.

Bonus points also for removing Catherine Zeta Jones from the dating circuit. He bulldozes Jaime Winstone out of the running. This was a guest blog by the masterful Josh Burt from the equally masterful

Starring Ray Winstone as loveable rogue Elzevir, the drama also introduces newcomer Sophie Cookson as the beautiful Grace Mohune who gets an unexpectedly personal look at the world of smuggling when she falls for Elzevir’s protegee John Trenchard Aneurin Barnard. But while Grace is fictional, the women who inhabited the often-terrifying world of 18th century smuggling gangs were not – and frequently, they were just as frightening as the men.

Bonney, who was born to a poor Irish family in Cork in , became particularly notorious – largely as a result of her relationship with fellow pirate and smuggler, Jack ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham. Together with Rackham and Read, an Englishwoman who had, while disguised as a man, fought in the Royal Navy, she stole a ship named the Revenge and rampaged up and down the Caribbean, harrying British shipping and sneaking illicit goods under the noses of local officials.

But unlike Grace, who gets her happy ending eventually, Read and Bonney did not. By , the pair were on the run and were eventually taken by pirate hunter, Captain Jonathan Barnet while enjoying a rum party with another English pirate crew off the coast of Jamaica. Although both women escaped the rope by pleading pregnancy, the pair ended their lives in squalid Jamaican prisons – in Read’s case, less than a year after her arrival. While Read and Bonney are among the most famous, most female smugglers led considerably less colourful lives.

In the 18th century, smuggling was rife in the UK, largely thanks to the introduction of the excise tax – introduced in to help pay for the English Civil War. Although Grace’s tale finishes well, most smugglers ended their days in prison or penal colonies Initially, it applied only to chocolate, coffee, tea, beer, cider and spirits but was later widened to include salt, leather, and soap.

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But she reveals how it was her co-star and old pal Ray Winstone who got her through one of the most testing times of her life. He knew when I was about to burst into tears on set and would whisk me away. And he was willing to listen to me if I wanted to talk about mum.

Ray Winstone wants a bag of crisps with his lager. Ray Winstone fancies a flutter. Jamie Oliver reckons he’s the world’s number one ping-pong player. Comments. comments. By Uncle Fred Categories: Cockney Accent, Rhyming Slang in Film, TV, Radio Free dating; Gay Dating;.

He spent most of his youth skateboarding around his local car parks and started his first band as early as 15 years old. The band would also play gigs in and around his local area to any publican who would turn a blind eye to the fact that they were all under age. Sturgess’s first acting experience came when the local theatre group came to his school looking for children to audition for the local play.

Quickly realising that he would be able to miss school, he went along to the audition and landed one of the parts in the play. Sturgess moved to Manchester to attend the University of Salford hoping it would enable him to start another band and hang around the Manchester music scene. In Manchester, he fell-in with a group of aspiring actors and film-makers, and his passion for acting was re-ignited.

He started to write and perform his own short films and plays. Jim is selling original songs he sang on to raise money for Mickey’s sick relative https:

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Ray Winstone is an English actor, producer, writer, musician, and director. He was born to parents Raymond J. His mother had a job emptying fruit machines and his father ran a fruit and vegetable business. Since his father took him to the cinema every Wednesday afternoon, he developed a keen interest in acting since his childhood years.

Ray Winstone came to feel that he’d done this for the movie version of Scum. In the original Carlin is shown to be in a relationship with another inmate, but on remaking the film two years later he told the director that he thought it’d be better if that were left out, so it was.

He is mostly known for his “hard man” roles beginning with his role as Carlin in the film Scum. He also played Kevin, an ex-army soldier, in Quadrophenia as well as Will Scarlet in the television series Robin of Sherwood. He has also become well known as a voice over actor, and has recently branched out into film production. In , American critic Roger Ebert described Winstone as “one of the best actors now at work in movies”. His father, Raymond J. Winstone recalls playing with his friends on bomb sites vacant lots with rubble from WW II bombs , until ” Moors Murderers ” Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were arrested for killing three children.

Ray joined Brimsdown Primary School and then he was educated at Edmonton County School , which had changed from a grammar school to a comprehensive upon his arrival. He also attended Corona Theatre School. Winstone had an early affinity for acting; his father would take him to the cinema every Wednesday afternoon.

Ray Winstone poses proudly with family at Jawbone premiere

Martin Scorsese’s award-winning film weaves an intricate web of deception and lies as two men from the wrong side of the tracks end in a high-stakes game of deception. As the two moles try to navigate their respective worlds undetected, the lines between loyalty and morality will blur leaving viewers questioning who is really pulling the strings. This film will keep Netflix viewers on the edge of their seats for all minutes.

This award-winning, highly-rated film on Netflix follows the lives of two boys, William “Billy” Costigan and Colin Sullivan, who both grew up with significant ties to the rough and tumble Irish neighborhood of South Boston that was ruled by the mobster Frank Costello.

Ray Winstone is a member of the following lists: People from Roydon, Essex, People from the London Borough of Enfield and People from Hackney Central.. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Ray Winstone! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in .

It told about a sexual murderous assault and its scandalous corrupt and “lunatic” underworld within a military base. Although the film commented upon the gender inequalities in the military, it was also criticized for leering at the female victim when she was gang-raped by trainees dressed in camouflage, and the horrific image of the murdered victim laid out and then decomposing was often revisited during the film. The film began by introducing its two main military characters, a father and daughter: She was staked down with tent pegs and ropes, spread-eagled, mock-raped there was no semen found and after tests, no sign of rape , and strangled in the middle of a training compound field for urban warfare training.

Brenner curtly summarized the motives for murder to Sunhill: Right there in the manual. A hidden room behind a false wall with a sliding door in her basement was found complete with a bed, condoms on a table, bondage paraphernalia handcuffs, harnesses, a belt with a dildo on it, etc As Brenner left the room, he was attacked by an unidentified masked man who stole the bag of videotapes.

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Her younger sister Dannii is also a well-known pop singer and her younger brother Brendan is a news cameraman in Australia. Minogue went to Camberwell High School in Melbourne and, along with Dannii, began acting in small roles in Australian soap operas at the age of Her first singing performance was on the music performance show, Young Talent Time. Her sister Dannii’s success on this show overshadowed Kylie’s acting work, until Kylie was cast in the soap opera Neighbours in She won four Logie Awards in one year, including the ‘Gold Logie’ for being Australia’s ‘Most Popular Television Performer.

Kylie performed a cover of Carole King’s ‘The Loco-Motion’ at a benefit concert with other Neighbours cast members and was signed to a recording contract with Mushroom Records in

Besides the suave JM, we have Ray Winstone (always solid) and the girl from “My Own Private Idaho” to charm us from start to finish. Nothing too violent (by standards), nothing disgusting, plenty of lush European scenery/atmosphere, even some fine classical music.

Insomnia, set apart by the fact it was not adapted from a novel as most films in the Scandinavian Noir category are, is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in the dark crime films from that part of world or neo-noir films in general. The Crimson Rivers Mathieu Kassovitz, Screenplay by Kassovitz based on the Jean-Christophe Grange novel Vincent Cassel and Jean Reno play a pair of detectives investigating a series of murders in an isolated university town in this highly atmospheric French film that culminates in a tense mountainside climax.

Cassel and Reno make a great acting team, the murders-seen in aftermath-recall the best of Italian giallo and the cinematography by Thierry Arbogast is superlative. A very poor sequel to Crimson Rivers was made in , starring Reno but not Cassel. His past explodes into his present as his old colleague Don shows up unexpectedly and tries to recruit Gal for an ambitious bank robbery back in England. The film could do without the brief, superfluous fantasy sequences that occur at several points in Sexy Beast but the film is must-see for fans of British crime cinema and contemporary neo-noir.

The Aura Fabian Bielinsky, Screenplay by Bielinsky An epileptic taxidermist who believes he has an infallible photographic memory gets tangled up in a robbery plot in the severely overlooked The Aura. Brick Rian Johnson, Screenplay by Johnson A high school loner played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt investigates the murder of his ex-girlfriend in this unique film modeled after classic hard-boiled detective films. A History of Violence David Cronenberg, Screenplay by Josh Olson based on the John Wagner and Vince Locke graphic novel A small-town diner owner draws the attention of some big city criminals after thwarting a robbery attempt.

Viggo Mortensen delivers a solid performance as the diner owner and Maria Bello is excellent as his wife. The miscast William Hurt-the only actor in the film who delivers a weak performance-was inexplicably nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his brief role in the film when that accolade should have gone to Ed Harris. One of the other problems with A History of Violence is the rapid cutting of the fight scenes in the film that rob those few pivotal sequences of their intended power.

The aforementioned issues aside, A History of Violence is very memorable must-see. Much has been written and discussed regarding these Swedish films and the completely unnecessary American remake of the first film by David Fincher in

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Ray Winstone I’ve been beating up women, doing drugs, having sex and even playing a paedophile Hardman Ray Winstone has no problem watching his actress daughter Jaime’s onscreen love scenes – because he’s convinced he has much more offensive roles in his own back catalogue. The Sexy Beast star has yet to see his daughter’s latest movie Donkey Punch – in which she can be seen cavorting naked on screen – but he insists he can’t wait to watch it.

And Winstone is certain he won’t cringe when he sees Jaime’s steamy romp – because he has played his own fair share of despicable characters.

Its cast is stellar – Stephen Dillane, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Tom Wilkinson, and, at the center of it all, a broke-down bad man, Ray Winstone.

Morel predictably directs the ensuing corporate intrigue and series of life-or-death scenarios with a terse muscularity, but the lack of any visual ingenuity, reflexivity, or awareness of genre tropes diminishes the intermittent pleasures of the slightly involving kineticism. Years after going underground, Jim finds himself once again hunted by a mysterious outfit of mercenaries, one that inevitably traces back to his wet work in the Congo.

The director employs an unoriginal love-triangle scenario that sets Felix and Jim against one another, and, of course, equates any accumulation of wealth as a sure sign of uncomplicated corruption. And whereas Taken was paced with thrilling, frantic urgency, The Gunman takes its time to reiterate plot points, expositional information, and foreshadowing that were hard to miss in the first place. While feigning to address global themes with only a passing fascination, Morel has created a plot so obvious and predictable that, in comparison, his hugely successful earlier collaboration with Neeson feels like the work of a dedicated craftsman.

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Celebrity guests from the worlds of entertainment and music will join the team captains as the weekly guest host navigates them through a number of musically based quiz rounds. The programme first aired on the BBC in In the show Keith is laid bare — often in the bedroom, sometimes in the kitchen and even on his driveway. A second series aired in May and June

Winstone told of how he visited his old childhood friend Daniel Jones in Belmarsh high-security prison in order to get his permission to play him in a new film, King of Thieves.

Their boss is an obsequious, pint-sized Korean immigrant Matthew Moy , the cook an over-sexed sleazeball Jonathan Kite , the cashier a wise and hep older black dude Garrett Morris. They become roommates, then co-workers and then partners in a struggling cupcake business. It might all sound familiar, but the writers and directors pump so much heart and soul into the characters and situations they make me actually care whether Martha Stewart loves their cupcakes which, in the hysterical first-season finale, she did.

It was a fascinating experience seeing how differently a scene played with a slight inflection here or a different word there. All that hard work comes out in the episodes on these DVDs some of the scenes cut from the final episode versions are included as welcomed extras. When we last saw lead besties Max Black and Caroline Channing, they were over the moon about their unorthodox meeting with style maven Martha Stewart — who not only sampled one of their premium cupcakes the Beer-Batter Maple-Bacon Spring-Break cupcake , but also said she liked it and admired them.

What more sustenance would two struggling waitresses-turned-entrepreneurs need? Whereas season one of the hit CBS show was all about meeting cute, sharing dreams, and attempting to live down the fact that one of the fathers bilked investors out of millions of dollars, the second season is more about character and relationships: Max Kat Dennings and Caroline Beth Behrs step closer and closer to their ever-elusive dream of a cupcake store; while diner-cook Oleg Jonathan Kite and entrepreneur Sophie Jennifer Coolidge begin sharing more than just sex.

It is, like life, filled with ups and downs, steps forward and many more steps backward, never once letting the characters lose sight of their final destination. Max is overjoyed when they find the perfect space to open their cupcake store, insisting that it has a certain cache seeing how it was the site of a mass murder complete with blood still on the walls.

Where one sees disaster, Max sees opportunity:

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