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What a fucking piece of shit. It sounds like a J-idol song, and J-idol songs fucking suck dick. As a T-ara fan, this is yet another kick in the balls. As a finance major, I know that this is probably going to make them more successful in Japan. Starting with the positives, Bunny Style manages to mesh the Jpop and Kpop sounds in a way that works. The melody and arrangement are clearly in the Japanese style, but the hook, refrain, and rap are in the Korean style.

T ara dating scandal. Day6 Profile

My point is, I sincerely hope that they heal from the things they couldn’t handle well as teenagers and bond over the hard work they put into for the things they’re passionate about. The photos are said to be from the 26th, the day after Christmas, captured after they finished eating. Now I bond with the biggest bully out of them all on kdramas and beer.

Not really a drama/scandal, more a rumour that never blew up that was incredibly stupid. Think Hi got some hate comments from Sehun lovers too. Justified because a few of their Instagram photos looked similar and were posted at similar times.

This blog will mostly remain as an archive now. You can find active updates on our twitter instead. At that time they gained a negative image with the public. Because the reason they cried after winning for the first time in 5 years was because they had a flashback of all the ups and downs they experienced. It feels like they got stronger after undergoing a series of bad incidents. They invested their youth entirely on T-ARA. T-ARA extended their contract until December this year.

What choice will T-ARA make? This is a fixed question. I think 3 cups of Soju. This is my resting mode. Actually, it changes according to my condition.

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Jackie Chan has obviously noticed Wu’s skills as a performer and decided to make him a part of his entertainment company, Sparkle Roll Media. Advertisement Chan announced that Wu’s contract with his entertainment label would be exclusive. He confirmed the news during last week’s Shanghai International Film Festival.

Happy birthday T-ara’s Hyomin, wish you all the best and happiness, I love to see that you guys are happy especially jiyeon she’s singing her heart out the b-day song. fighting!I thought Hyomin cut her hair short and went blonde? She was probably wearing a wig in her debut teaser photo. Anyway I love that crazy creative girl.

A sinner A hardcore romantic I love all kinds of music and film. I mostly listen to metal and rock, and I watch a lot of horror films, but I will give anything a watch or a listen. Ghost adventures the tv series is awesome, also stranger things and a korean odyssey. In my spare time I like going to gigs and to the cinema. When I can afford it that is! I do have a full time job, but I don’t work weekends I would love to travel to Asia one day, like south korea, japan, and china, but ive never travelled before except when I was young but I cant remember it so it doesnt count I do unfortunately have an awful fear of planes and spiders!

I am shy, quiet and reserved until I get to know people. But I do like to have fun. I have 2 cats and love them to bits. A sense of humour is important to me. You can be witty, sarcastic, quirky, random, weird or dirty! I just love to laugh.

Happy Hyomin Day! T-ara’s Hyomin Turned 25 She Wanted to Get Married!

Posted by Kimchifii I hate this. Perfection in human kind is impossible? You might want to overthink that again… Guys.

Nov 05,  · Rape accusations against rookie ’s member Kangho has resurfaced on the net. The victim named Kangho of allegedly raping her pre-debut on .

The ground just keeps shifting from underneath them, in both positive and negative ways. Right now, their world is tilting in ways that are horrible, inspiring, and odd. Kim Kwang-soo is already a notorious figure in K-pop. Those reports indicated that Kim Kwang-soo is suspected of stealing 4 billion won from Core Contents Media. This is the point where I have to ask: Does CCM not have a managing board that can fire him?

Or did he simply finagle his way into a position that had no real way to remove him from power? Because thief or not, he sucks at his job, and that investigation would be a great way to get rid of him. While that mess cannot be pleasant to put up with, T-ara does have a bright spot on their horizon. They recently signed a five billion won contract with Longzhen Cultural Development, a major Chinese entertainment company.

China, on the other hand, has remained unconquered by everybody. Only SM Entertainment can even claim to have made inroads, and those inroads are debatable. Longzhen Cultural Development is one of the biggest entertainment companies in China, with artists such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, and A-mei under its belt.

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How does it feel putting behind all the times you spent together and preparing for your last album? We all know that nothing good comes from us splitting apart. Anyway, we all cherish T-ara all the same. We all want to stay together.

My embrace is a fortress to you, I am thrown away by others Love – I can’t see the end of that dark tunnel so I’m very afraid Like a desert with a blazing sun, like a person crying out of thirst Kiss me ma baby, before this night is over, hurry, to me, day.

He made his acting debut in but had his breakthrough with the romantic comedy My Girl. However, you may know him best for his role in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. At his current age of 35 years old, he has accomplished many things, and his image plays a great role in that. But is plastic surgery to thank for all the craze over his handsome looks? People go through this procedure in order to redefine the shape of their nose, most often with the goal of making their nose into the ideal shape.

However, it takes a keen eye to notice the difference. Before, Lee Dong Wook had a good-looking nose. Seems a bit weird that he still wanted to change it, right? Well, we do suspect that he did get a nose job at some point in his career.

[★BREAKING] Former T-ara Manager Confirms Leaks Exposing Hwayoung Bullying Scandal As Lies

Advertisement According to a user on the One Hallyu forum, insiders have revealed that Chen and Hyejeong are dating. I heard it from the insiders. I was flustered because it was random but it’s true,” the user wrote.

Jan 12,  · MBLAQ, 2AM, and the U-KISS boy member groups want to have scandals with SNSD’s Taeyeon, KARA’s Nicole, T-ara’s Hyomin, and IU. MBLAQ’s Mir and Joon, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and U-KISS’s Dongho were on the holiday special of SBSSE!TV’s Idol Maknae Revolution and were asked which celebrity girl group member would they wish to have a scandal with.

I believe Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung’s scandal is a publicity stun and jongsica could be real as many proofs and fan accounts have said it all and here’s why: If they were just “close friends” like how people think they were, why did the scandal have to change anything between them? Friendships don’t change anything right? I don’t see how he’s avoiding other snsd girls or any girls at all.

The day right after Jonghyun’s scandal, jessica’s one with taec comes up. To all you 2pm fans, I don’t need to say more but you all should know well that that’s impossible because taec is already dating someone else. So why, of all people and times, must they both have scandals with someone else right after each other? Seem more like SM wanted to cut off all the link between them and speculations that jonghyun and jessica could be together perhaps because they were caught and this is some sort of negotiation by SM with sports seoul?

So why must they cover up jongsica if that’s what I’m saying, because that was near the release of snsd’s comeback, a scandal would affect them greatly. Not to mention, SM has been focusing on them a lot this year and they would do anything, at all cost and sacrifices, to keep the fanboys with them and the girls’ image clean.

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Jiyeon Park I woke up happily. It made me happy to know that he wasn’t like the other guys. I took my phone and went to shower. I started dancing and singing happily. After a while I got tired so I just lied in the hot water to relax. I took my phone to read the news.

Because T-ara had so many ups and downs yet still kept promoting steadily and always achieved good results. Even recently, new evidences surfaced about the bullying scandal, in which T-ara used to be drawn as the ‘perpetrators’, and people started having a new perspective about it as well.

Seo Ji Young comes from a hugely influential family in the entertainment industry and her father spent a lot of money on setting up a company in so that Seo Ji Young could debut in a co-ed group named S arp. The group did extremely well under the production of Roo’Ra’s Lee Sang Min who was known for his exceptional song production skills. At the climax of their fame, the company recruited Lee Ji Hye as the main vocalist, which catapulted into a series of jealous torture by Seo Ji Young.

Lee Ji Hye auditioned for her spot to get in while Seo Ji Young just wanted to use the group as a quick play for fame with her friends. Lee Ji Hye had to suffer countless abuse. The agency refused since the group was already so popular, leading Seo Ji Young to amp up the abuse until the situation got so out of hand that the company announced a press conference announcing their disbandment.

While the media was speculating what was going on, the company eventually decided on a disbandment.

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